Congo DRC Praise & Worship vol 4 Instrumental CD


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Audio TitleSong Preview
01. Atawale Instrumental
02. Mwambani Yesu Instrumental
03. Nkembo Instrumental
04. Wamilele Instrumental
05. Bwama wa ma Bwama Instrumental
06. Rabbi ne Instrumental
07. Tango Yesu Akoya Instrumental
08. DRC Anthem Instrumental
09. Dieu Est Bon Instrumental
10. Baba wa mbinguni Instrumental
11. La Croix Instrumental
12. Nitakushukuru Instrumental
13. La voix du Seigneur Instrumental
14. Yesu azali awa Instrumental
15. Soki toko lingana Instrumental
16. Mungu wa Ajabu Instrumental


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