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About the Book


This poetry is a culmination of the years of living in Denmark in a place called Sorgenfri, which means in Danish “Free of Sorrow”. The G in Sorgenfri is silent and is not pronounced. This poetry is about my observations, my thoughts and emotions over a long period of time.

Sorgenfri has had a great impact on my life because of its serenity quite like the book “Far from the maddening crowd” I wrote of situations that occasionally punctured that serenity.

There is much that goes on in life. But I have never known a place like Sorgenfri. In the midst of physical and emotional turmoil.

I experienced a peace that “goes beyond human understanding.”

Sorgenfri for me was not only a place, but Sorgenfri is an attitude of the

A place of divine connectedness. I discovered that you can live anywhere in the world when God is at the centre of your life.

About the Author


Alice Mwaka Claassen was born in Kitwe, Zambia. She studied LLB at the University of Zambia and LLM in EU Law at the University of Leicester in England.  Alice has lived in East and West Africa as well as in the Netherlands and in Denmark for several years.

She is the founder of GOSRA International and GOSRA Studios a music company based in Pretoria, South Africa.  Alice is also a graduate of Theology. She enjoys teaching, writing and producing music.


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