GOSRA – A local company for a global market

GOSRA is a music company and recording label. It was formed to promote, record and market music. The company engages artists in live performances, events and festivals. GOSRA boasts of a resident band that has played for different International and local organisations within South Africa and the region.

GOSRA brings together artists from the diaspora to play and sing different music styles on the continent. We at GOSRA International believe that music is an essential component of life. It is an indispensable feature of human interaction. Music through its engagement with society holds the capacity to transform society by transforming individuals. Music when used to celebrate God changes the spirit and the soul of man.

Music is a powerful tool which transcends spiritual and physical boundaries, Godly and inspirational music is therapeutic it changes people’s moods, brings healing and galvanizes people to act for good causes and builds bridges. GOSRA‘s vision is to see a celebration of God in music and dance.