The Recording Studio is a branch of GOSRA International, a South African registered company. GOSRA International was created to promote unity among singers and musicians on the African continent and beyond.

The focus is to promote young and seasoned artists within South Africa who love to produce and perform music in any genre. The company is also involved in setting up of concerts and events.

The studio has a pool of musicians who are able to play and teach multiple instruments in European and many of the styles from different parts of Africa. The studio also has a voice trainer for singers and musicians who want to improve their singing and performance.

The Control Room
The control room has a 180 view of the rest of the studio which includes the vocal booth and a very spacious tracking room that is big enough to host a complete band line up or even a choir ensemble. The studio was built to be a 24 hour studio. Artists can hire the studio during the day and evenings.

Great Location
GOSRA Studios is situated just off Lynnwood Drive in Pretoria. The studio provides a professional environment with a corporate feel “A home away from home”. A lot of attention to detail went into design of the facility, featuring carefully placed acoustic panels on the ceiling and walls as well as double sliding glass doors and treated wooden flooring.


The subject of mastering is an important one. Many musicians that come through the studio have a vague idea what Mastering is all about. Most Artists entering into the music industry have no clue what mastering is all about.

Last year one of the Artists was listening to the music they had just produced and he wanted to hear all kinds of instruments they had not played at all. This is because he never quite understood the technique of mastering.

So then what is mastering all about?
“Mastering is the process of turning a collection of songs into a record by making them sound like they belong together in tone, volume, and timing (spacing between songs)”. It is the last stage before replication that is hearing by the general public.

Mastering is a music “art form that when done conscientiously, relies most on an individual’s skill, experience with various genres of music, and good taste.” Mastering requires much patience and probably many hours of practice by the Sound Engineer.

Therefore mastering is not s set of tools or a device that music is run through to come out mastered. There is a world of difference between mixing and mastering.

However just like baking a cake, if at the beginning the whole process has not been properly adhered to, the cake is bound to flop. So in mastering, the initial recording is so important to the success of the music before any mixing or mastering can be done.

At GOSRA Studios we aim to give the customer the very best in live recording, mixing and mastering techniques. We believe in quality and not quantity.